Hi! My name is Jovian. I’m stationed in Ottawa, Ontario – the capital of Canada. Yes, it’s cold. No, there aren’t any polar bears where I live. The only polar thing I get to experience is the Polar Vortex. It’s making life very, very chilly.

I am a MSc student studying biochemistry. I love academic research. I love that I have to be curious and creative every day. I also love being a problem solver and detective.

But I don’t think a life of research is meant for me… And so with this drive to explore science beyond the laboratory, I’ve become interested in science communication. If you think about it, science and communicating about science is everywhere. On TV, in the newspaper, on the back of your soda can, on that flyer about getting your flu shot, etc.

Jovian Tsang scientists talk

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Scientists dabble in sci comm all the time. More often than not, it is with other scientists. Think lab lingo, white coats and microscopes – it’s pretty much my daily routine. We give presentations about our findings, packed with graphs and figures, and spoken in a complex dialect. Not public friendly, for sure.

Obviously some sci comm methods are more effective than others, and some we never really hear about at all. I want to learn about as many different techniques as I can!

Each of my posts will probe a different form of sci comm. I’ll shadow the pros, and try to shed light on how to use their methods and media to best deliver scientific content. And don’t forget about the chicken-scratch comics! I hope you learn to love them.

Here’s an example: say I’m highlighting a science outreach program that delivers amazing hands-on workshops to youth. I’ll interview current practitioners of this craft, glean some of their pro tips and perhaps even deliver a workshop myself. Oh yeah… ***SPOILERS***

Ideally, this would be an adventure for two, or three, or more… however many of you are out there reading. If this unchartered territory intrigues you, join me in making a mark and traversing the field of science and communications. It’s expansive, experimental and exciting.

Jovian Tsang YBR

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